Jingle Even Loved to Sing

So as a Christmas Eve gift I got my kids one of those Hallmark Book Buddies, particularly “Jingle all the way”
It’s a little stuffed dog that interacts while you read a book.

Every time you say a particular phrase in the book he either barks or sings.

Which- that is so awesome right?

Well, yes… in concept this is a really cool and fun idea and gets your kids into reading. My kids already are but I thought this was a sweet gift despite that.

Here’s the problem. First, one particular phrase in the book I have to repeat over and over in different tones and annunciations because “Jingle even loved to sing.” Apparently, Jingle does not. It usually takes me FIVE tries to get him to do it. The second problem is that my two adorable, wonderful, beautiful children like to fight over Jingle and usually in the process of fighting over him they push the little button on his ear off.

We read it before bed tonight… kids had fun but I was frustrated… cest `la vie? I guess.

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