Being Lazy and Not Productive

So, when I started this blog my goal was to update at least once every two days. Obviously, I’ve been slacking. With the holidays and having family come AFTER them to celebrate with our children it’s been a little hectic. But those are excuses right? How long does it really take to make a little blurb on the internet? You did update your Facebook status Asheli.

So, I ask myself what does it take me personally to stay on track? What does it take me to be productive?
I have to take out my headphones (yes, I wear them while my kids watch TV) and I have to get out of my cozy little spot in the corner of the couch. Parenting is like this big balancing act. Even when I’m not doing anything I’m being barraged with requests for snacks and to look at a picture or to give the dog a milkbone. So, I take my time with everything to make up for it.

What do you do to stay on track? If you’ve got any good ideas let me know.

On another note, I’ve got plenty of downtime this morning because my kids got round two of Christmas with my Mother in Law. They’re busy breaking their new toys.

Other notable things include:

  • Triops never hatched
  • Steve got a real job
  • I’ve actually decided that when I’ve saved the cash I’m going to do the real estate school thing

And just for some laughs while we are on the subject, a demotivational poster.

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