Cheap Books / Facebook Dramz

OK, so I’ve had a migraine blame the last two days of misery on that.

When I was pregnant with Penny I ready this book and it really helped me to realize just what babies are, a crying, screaming bundle of reflexes. I had no prior experience with babies but this book was great. One of the best pieces of advice I got from it was that toys are novel and cool but you can definitely over do it. Books on the other hand you can absolutely never have too many of.

So obviously she is telling me to obsessively refresh the Ebay children’s book lot auction page right? I mean that’s what I took from it.

Other than that I had an interesting experience on Facebook yesterday, with a relative. Figured I would vent here since anything I say on there can and will be used against me in the court of webzlaw. I made a comment in defense of eating at home and suddenly I was being attacked… and well… it felt bad. I also chose not to go forward with “a flame” because who airs their laundry on facebook like that? Surely, not I. OK said it, got it off my chest, and I feel the exact damn same … :/

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