Sometimes Being a Vegetarian Isn’t Pretty

So, if you’re just stopping by guess what?! I don’t eat meat. Don’t worry though, I’m not preachy or anything like that. As far as I’m concerned this is the best choice for me and my family. Maybe you and your family enjoy meat, that’s fine with me.

With that being said it can become mundane with the same old dinners. You also get stuck in “the pasta rut” where all your eating is carbohydrates and then I’ve got to kick myself into gear and go out and get the fresh stuff and the stuff that forces me to be a little more creative.

So, here’s a little back-story. Last year we had my father and his wife living with us. She’s from Thailand and she cooks some amazing… I mean delicious food. While they were staying here she really got me into going to Globe Mart which is the ethnic store where I live. I was firstly, blown away by the awesome prices on produce and secondly, amazed at the insane selection they had.

With that being said I took a trip there today. Came back with this.

OK, it doesn’t look pretty but I’m sure it cleans up well. Some of it I’ve had before and some of it I took a gamble on. Usually it isn’t half bad. Plus, my kids love tofu anyway you serve it to them they gobble it up. So, I guess the moral of the story is Globe Mart is pretty rad.

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