The Perils of Motherhood

So, while pondering about what I was going to blog about today I did a little bit of web-browsing. I’m addicted to the thought of having a classroom setting for my kids despite the fact that they don’t really need one. So, I was looking at daydreaming about cubbies and art tables and all the things that go alone with it. Motherhood obviously can be isolating especially if you are among the ranks of those that don’t tend to make friends easily or crack jokes that people don’t really laugh at <—– (ME) So, as I’m looking I start thinking man, A, you need to make some friends… and how do people do that?

I’ve tried and while it was good for my kids, I hosted quite a few playdates at my house and even had a Gerber Houseparty. I had trouble connecting with the moms. My interests are varied and sometimes I see myself as a square peg in a round hole. So, I started thinking about taking a class at Michael’s or something. They have cool one’s the Wilton Baking and a Knitting. While those are cool I don’t know if I’d wind up meeting anyone that I could really enjoy spending my time with. No offense to the cupcake bakers of the world but I’m not as traditional as most of the women that I assume sign up for those classes. They do however, offer painting classes which is something I totally suck at yet am totally absolutely interested in. So I look at the calendar and alas there are none on the schedule.

What a bummer.

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