Imaginary Boyfriends – A Battle (You’ll see what I did there in a minute)

OK, so let’s close our eyes and imagine our imaginary boyfriend… you know the one that picks his socks up off the floor and doesn’t tailgate. He’s grand isn’t he?

I was listening to my headphones earlier and Aesop Rock was on and I thought I bet Aesop Rock is a nice guy. You know he’s cute and he’s obviously very smart… he would probably be a great boyfriend. OK, just to preface this is all imaginary. I mean, in real life the guy is married and you know… good for him but this is my fantasy.

Then I remembered my other imaginary boyfriend Sean, or better known as “Slug” (said with a totally Tanya voice). Oh no, this could be bad. They could get into one hell of a rap battle where Slug metaphorically refers to me as Lucy. I would love EVERY second of it.

But seriously :sort of: I like these two guys. They each possess something very unique and appealing yet they are both extremely different. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about either but I think Aesop Rock would be more the guy that comes home to you though and Slug would probably end up being the guy that “goes out for a pack of smokes and never comes home” Ha.

Either way my favorite Atmosphere song is …..


Favorite Aesop Rock song is……

Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History

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