Saying Goodbye to Christmas or as I call it PCD

I took all of my Christmas decorations down the other day and now I’m in that after Christmas phase where the world feels helpless and lonely. Post Christmas Depression or PCD for short is a real disorder that I’ve created all on my own. It’s hard to let go of that magical yet stressful time of the year where you are actually really busy and you have that awesome distraction of SHOPPING. Then it’s like, it’s over and you didn’t even really enjoy it. You feel that need to see a familiar face or just get a big hug.

The truth is that I didn’t even do the gift exchange with any of my family yet. They’re in PA, I’m in the DC Metro so I’ll get up there in February and get to do a mini xmas but it just isn’t the same. By that time the Valentine’s stuff will be up… Oh well

On another note, I’m thinking seriously about scrapping the muppet cupcake project. It’s going to be hard. Maybe Ill just do a Kermit, I don’t know there’s no Tutorials anywhere on the internet… probably has something to do with the blackout.

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