Just Some Thoughts

Okay first thing I want to record here are my SM’s birthday plans.
I was planning on doing Muppet Cupcakes but I’ve completely scratched that idea.

I will now be doing:

  • I will either make or buy a tie rack
  • Bake a real pie (Note to self to find out what his favorite kind of pie is) 
  • Make a Banner for decoration

OK, so that is that. I also wanted to get him another rechargeable battery thing but he says if I get that it isn’t really a gift for him… whatevs.

OK, on to the other irons in my fire… I’ve thought about doing a network marketing thing a couple times and I’ve pretty much decided that I do want to try. It’s just about the timing I guess. But I have reservations, I firstly don’t really have a network and I really don’t like to sell. I’m not even really sure why this idea even appeals to me. But when it comes down to it I need the extra cash, I babysit but that’s not an income and so this I guess, if I got creative and got out there could be good for me.

So here are the two companies I’ve narrowed it down to and my subsequent list of pros and cons:

  1. This would be good for a lot more people than Usborne
  2. There would be repeat buyers 
  3. It’s constantly changing so it would provide a lot of variety and a reason for people to keep in touch with you
  1. This would be harder to pull off because you would need people with children
  2. It would be great though because books in my house count as gold
  3. They don’t seem to have as many of the perks that Scentsy has
  4. It will be a little easier to sell once Penny is in school
I don’t know maybe I’ll do neither, it’s up in the air at this point.
Check back in a bit I’m going to make Walnut Butter 🙂

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