Sand Art

So, a couple a Christmas’s ago someone got my kids sand art… for obvious reasons I was reluctant to actually do it. It’s been in a rubbermade container that my kids found the other day and bugged the crap out of me to do it with them.

So, it’s pretty easy. There are sticker papers which you can peel off in pieces and add the sand so that you get a picture. There was a butterfly and a koala in our package. My children do not care about those pictures and neither do I. So I just peeled the whole thing off and through the sand on and voila. MOD SAND ART.

The last one is the finished project… 🙂
Other than that it’s been pretty slow over here. I’m tight on money so I might scrap all the V-day and Birthday projects I had going and just do some heart cut-outs with the kids or something. I don’t know.
Little Stressed.

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