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There was a time in my life when I was into clothes… like seriously into clothes. When we moved to Alexandria, VA in 2006 we rented an L-Shaped Studio apartment… in essence an L-Shaped box. 150 sq. ft. of that was my closet… yes, yes it was. I needed it to. I had some of the ugliest and timeliest clothes that have ever existed.

Then you have kids and you try to incorporate this stuff into your life or at least I did. It felt silly and trivial. I felt like I had got past that, that superficial side of myself. I was too damn tired to care. But then you go to the grocery store and you see these women that have it together, they have heels and dresses and makeup and perfect hair and a child next to them. This is where you stop, look closely and decide that you will just pretend you didn’t see that (She was just the nanny right?).

My wardrobe is infinitely different these days… sweatpants, pajama pants (ashamed to say), yoga pants, and t’s all day everyday. There just isn’t a reason to look all hot when you’re changing diapers all day. But now my kids are both getting to an age where things are less hectic. I’m afforded the time to sit at my computer for five hours a day because they are interested in things other than me. I should say sometimes because I mean there are days when they love mom to death and need to prove it. But I don’t feel like I have an excuse to look like a scrub anymore… and I need to start buying nice clothes.

My wardrobe will never be the way it was because I’ve learned lessons. Less is more… keep it simple. Don’t buy fads… leave that to the tweenys. Athletic-wear can be hot, I know because the guys at the grocery check me out. If you’re gonna do color, do it right. Have some fun pieces but streamline your things to what you know you like and you KNOW you will wear.

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