What’s in Store

So, we’ve been in the process of slowly transitioning financially, things change and that is that. So, I’m going way, way cheap on V-day and I’m just totally skipping Steve’s birthday. That may sound terrible but the only reason I really do anything at all is so that I don’t feel guilty. He doesn’t care, at all. We’re not traditional, not in that sense and not in any sense really so. That’s taken care of.

I’m planning on doing some crafts with the girls for V-day like making some hearts and possibly this and then writing in it with them things that we love and are glad that we have in our lives. Maybe some cookie baking… not sure on that though.

Other than that, planning a trip to PA to do Christmas with my family.
Also, went to the movies and saw http://www.womaninblack.com/#/trailer and without giving you are review or anything I will tell you the most entertaining part were the two teenage boys in front of me who were so scared that they LEFT… and came back after the “scare” part was over. Someone said “man I am scared, next year I am watching the superbowl.”

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