Traveling and Being Good At It

So, other than traveling to my hometown I haven’t taken any trips in the past two years. That being said I have gone “home” about a bajillion times. Through these exploits I’ve learned a lot about traveling and things you should and SHOULD NOT do, especially with two children.

Lemme Break it down for y’all:


  • Keep your guest bath stocked with travel sizes so you are prepared for either house guests or your departure (whichever comes first)
  • Make a list of EVERYTHING you will need and break it down (yourself, kids, things you need to do before you go)
  • Pack everything you can the day before. For obvious reasons don’t pack your toiletries yet. 
  • Get those plastic spoons for kids and take your host (unless you’re staying in a hotel) paper plates so that they don’t have to feel the burden of your dishes.
  • Pack some non-perishables
  • If you are traveling with a baby this is like a special exception:
  1. See if someone will either loan you a highchair or a feeding setup or something
  2. Pack Diapers / Wipes don’t rely on buying them once you get there especially if it’s over the holidays because more than likely places won’t be open
  3. Make sure you make special provisions for baby to eat and sleep comfortably, traveling is so hard on them and they get out of their routine which makes them cranky and miserable
  • Take a playpen
  • Make sure your kids have “special things” so that they can feel comfortable. Whether it’s a blanket or a toy
  • Eat well – traveling can confuse your system
  • Remember to pack your vitamins
  • And last but not least make sure that your toiletries are separate from your other things, if god forbid something explodes, leaks, decides it’s going to shit all over your expedition you can probably wash it all of
  • Don’t assume people will have what you need as far as Towels, Blankets, Pillows
  • Let the people you care to see (if you are visiting a place with friends) know in advance so that they can make the arrangements to see you
  • Don’t go to someone’s house and LIVE there, you are always a guest and they are letting you stay so be respectful
  • Don’t pack everything a week in advance only to realize that you need something and :gasp: don’t know which bag it’s in.
  • Don’t tell your kids you’re going anywhere until the day before or the day of because they will bug you … for real
  • Don’t cheap out on luggage! It’s a good thing to have! Never know
Okay, so that’s my take on it. 
I’ve gotten really good at sleeping other places throughout my life but sometimes I feel like I’m a little too old for couch sleeping so if you want to pack an air mattress – pack away… keep in mind though that if they have cats that air mattress won’t have air in it for long.
There’s also a level of beurocracy particularly when you are visiting family. People want to see you and you are the one traveling it is impossible for one person to see everyone so that means that they need to make some effort. If they don’t be honest with them… tell them you’ve done most of the traveling for them and if they can’t make it around to see you it isn’t your fault at all. It’s hard to divide your time evenly with only a few days to spend and it feels awful to have to snub people but alas things work both ways. 

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