A Story

A long time ago ( a whole year almost :D) me and my sister in law went to the museum in my hometown.
There is a creek that runs along the outside and we were walking.
We see a bird a really big bird and we think it’s a crane… (Do you know the significance of the crane?)
Totally absurd because of the geographical region
But we follow it and spook it and follow it and photograph it and are in a state of disbelief.
We get to the end of the little trail and there’s some people there talking about the bird… the bird was a Heron.

OK so we were wrong.
And there’s a moral to the story.
We chase things in life, shadows, dreams, whatever.
We chase them and sometimes when it’s all over… what we were chasing wasn’t what we thought it was.
It doesn’t make it less beautiful or less important. It’s just a matter of accepting something for what it is.

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