Valentine’s Day

So we got a gift from Steve’s mom and she put a little scrapbook in there for the girls to do.

So we did that

We also did a bunch of little heart themed crafts

They had fun. It was fun – tons of stickers and glorious glue… you can see in the last picture my younger daughter holding the glue… it really was scary.

I babysat last night. (I do that, babysit) and the lady I babysit for brought cookies!

I did a bunch of crafts while they were here. Mostly stickers because that translates across the age divide. We read some Valentines Books and finished it off with Barney’s Valentine which no one watched because they were all pretending to be puppies. 
I ended the night with one of these
Ayala’s Herbal Water is so good!
That was my Valentine’s Day. I hope yours was great!

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