Potential Qualities in a Future Mate

So, I’m at that point…
where I’m officially ready to date someone (not marry or jump into a relationship)
with someone new.
I need to put myself out there a little and try to clear my head of all the impending doom that sometimes creeps up on me.

So without further ado here is my list of qualities I will seek in a future potential partner:
-Good work ethic
-Careful driver
-Likes to pay bills on time
-Tidy person with a tidy personality
-Likes and is OK with kids
-No tailgating… that’s seriously a dealbreaker… tailgaters need not apply
-Someone present and active in their own life
-Someone with ambition, determination, drive
-Someone with the appropriate amount of follow through
-Someone who will tickle my back if I ask
-Someone who is willing to accept that I’m just a little different (this one will be hard)
-Well groomed and knows how to dress (trumps looks in a heartbeat)
-Someone who is not opposed to the idea of “family”
-Someone loyal, with at least 16 oz. of integrity
-Someone that flosses

The following is a list of ideal qualities that are icing:
-Likes good music
-Can tolerate my music
-Doesn’t mind repeating themselves because I am deaf
-Belief in science technology and all things future
-Head in the clouds feet on the floor

I don’t know this is a general idea but I am sure there are tons more..
I understand that no one is perfect and that I’m not either
I just really want to know that the person I choose tries their best all the time.
Not a quitter, not someone who’s going to bow out of the match.

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