Back? On track?

So… here I am. I told you, I haven’t forgotten about you.
It took a little bit because for a little bit life was off the chainnnnnnnnn but I think… I’m back and I think for the most part I am on track but I could use this blog for a little bit of accountability.

I have been into Pinterest the last month or so because I decided Facebook was just sucking my time up and I had to fill that void with a lesser evil, if you will.

I have had some unsavory pastimes the past few months … including but not limited to The Vampire Diaries which speaking of it – this would be the perfect forum to ask the world does Bonnie the Witch remind you of Wordgirl???

Uncanny is it not?
Anyway, what am I working on? Honestly not a whole lot but I will update  you tomorrow with my intended roster of things that I am planning on doing for the rest of this year…. 🙂
Can’t believe it’s been a year already and I only have fifty something posts up!!! Let’s change that in 2013!

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