Hungry for Change

I watched this awesome documentary and liked it a lot. While I like to think that we eat moderately healthy meals I know we could be eating better and movies like this tend to keep me motivated to keep trying.
I also know a lot of people that could benefit from this but will refrain from sharing so as not to offend them.

The one thing I did take from this movie is that I need to start juicing… like right now. It’s never really been on my radar but what an awesome way to get in a lot of your fruit and veggie requirements.

So, I started looking them up and looking up recipes. I think I am in the market at about the $100 range.

Something like this
So, then I start looking up juice recipes. I am a lover of vegetables… that is true with the exception of CELERY. If you’ve ever made juice or looked it up you know that the bases that they usually use for vegetable juice are cucumbers or CELERY … kind of a bummer but I bet with the right combos you probably don’t even taste it. 
In my research though I found out about this guy who was like the juicing pioneer. Interesting read if you have the time. 
OK then that is enough for now. 🙂

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