Not Much Happening…

but it doesn’t hurt to show my blog some LOVE.

I am sitting here just thinking about the day and have a list of random thoughts that have popped into my head.

-Anything that falls in the dogs water dish is immediately deemed trash
-Being an Ebay Power Seller would make me feel like a BAWWSS for life
-Scraping gum off your sidewalk (chewer is unbeknownst to myself) is gross
-Scrapbooking is not half as much fun as buying scrapbooking stuff
-Pinterest has taught me that a shoe organizer is never JUST a shoe organizer… seriously right??

It’s been a rainy day. So rainy in fact I will admit I made Peanut Butter and Marshmallow sandwiches as a MEAL… Mother of the Year Award!

This week should be quite a busy one for me but I will be getting a lot done.
I will check in periodically to let you guys know what’s going on 🙂

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