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I was going to title this post something like… 20 most influential, progressive bands at the moment but… I’m not a critic so what do I know. But this is the stuff I’m stuck on right now, lately and why. Basically because I want a reason to sit and listen to music without just sitting here doing nothing. If you disagree well, oh well. 


What’s not to love about Slug? Hip hop for chicks. It’s raps equivalent to IDM how can you argue that? With lines like, “Do I sound mad? Well, I guess I’m a little pissed… every action has a point and five points make a fist. You close them, you swing them and it hurts when it hits.. the truth can be a bitch but… if the boot fits.” It’s intelligent and funny and self aware.

Silversun Pickups

Lyrically, they’re the best thing out there right now. And if you can get past the bassist’s awkwardness their live stuff is great to watch because they have a terrific chemistry. I think I read somewhere that they met on a plane … coming from different outfits so it was a band meant to be, OBVIOUSLY

Aloe Blacc

Dapper Aloe Blacc. What I like most about him is the takeaway shows. If you don’t know what these are go look up takeway shows on youtube immediately. His are by far the best. I like that he covers a lot of songs that weren’t really popular when they were made but were still great. I think he’s really influential, and I think he may get a lot bigger… who knows.


The queen of dance. I’m sorry Britney… you’re alright and all but Robyn wins! And she’s a crossover artist. She’s actually been out for years but she’s apparently had some label conflicts and opened her own Konichiwa Records recently.

Counting Crows

Not the most attractive ensemble but damn are they powerful. Probably the oldest guys on the list too. Anna Begins is one of my favorite songs of all time. (One of)
I also think (until Shrek) they were one of the most underrated bands out there… the ultimate underdogs.
And if I love anything it’s an underdog

Kate Nash

Kate Nash is super funny has really great lines in her songs about how she’s gonna leave her boyfriend lay in his own puke in the cold because he is a giant jerk! Super Girl Music – trampling all over the likes of Lily Allen

The Bird and the Bee

Cutesy fun pop, think Belle and Sebastian less the Twee. Part of why they’re cool is that no one has used them in shows or car commercials. Relatively unknown, untouched and pristine.

Lykki Li

Why is it that all the best Kings of Leon songs have been redone by other artists … and turned out better. Lykke Li covers Knocked Up and kills it. She kills any song. Her acoustic version of “Tonight” is incredible. Granted it’s got that… crazy chick vibe but it’s still great.


The biggest bill on the list, and yeah… OK he’s a douche. But damn if 808’s and Heartbreak isn’t one of the best breakup albums since SeaChange… yeah I said it. 808’s is a great album and while he’s not Michael Jackson with the whole dancing I bet he scares the shit out of Justin Timberlake. Still 808’s didn’t get much recognition. It’s kind of his hidden gem thing…

La Roux 

La Roux is cool. I don’t really know exactly what about her I like so much but it’s very fun, uptempo.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is great because he likes to get stoned and then rap about it. Lissie covers his song Pursuit of Happiness (very well too). But I think what’s great is there are tons of remixes out there that remaster his stuff and make it really incredible. Sometimes with popular rap you have to sift through a lot of the garbage to find the really talented guys and he’s definitely one of them… not that Aesoppy Rock shit (who does he think he is stealing that name?)

Persons / Bands of Note:

  • Mayer Hawthorne 
  • The Kooks
  • Full Crate and Mar
  • Peter, Bjorn, and John
  • Lissie
  • Modest Mouse
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • The Black Keys

I don’t own any of these pictures… I stole them all off different places on the webs.. sorry.

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