Push Present? Really?

Ok, so if you were by chance carousing the internet for ideas for a gift for your woman take your mouse up and to the right because this is NOT what you wanted.

If however, you are wondering well, what is a push present allow me.

On top of now receiving your own life still intact and a new second life expelled from your womb you get a prize at the end of glorious childbirth. Just the name Push Present… doesn’t sound full of expectation at all – nope no sarcasm there.

This whole farce of pregnancy kills me, what do women expect? Why would you complain about it like this… yeah it sucks but for serious, really? Isn’t the gift at the end the fact that you get this awesome child…
OR I GUESS NOT. Not only that – isn’t it great that it isn’t oh… say two hundred years ago where you may HAVE DIED ?

Women have men under the guise that this shit is way worse than it is – no thanks to perpetuation by movies and television. It all seems so ungrateful and so underhanded. We all know what it’s going to be like, they’ve been telling us since we got our periods…

I don’t know, I might be wrong – maybe women deserve trophies for procreating but knowing how most people turn out in adulthood I think it’s a little premature to give someone a prize at the very earliest stages of this insane life event. Or maybe I just … maybe I am a real man because apparently at ask men they agree with me.

Sometimes it just feels like as women we want everything… and some things we should ask for. Like equal pay, equal rights but I fear a “push gift” just doesn’t fit into my idea of what as women we deserve.

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