Gaining Clarity

Today was all about clarity for me.
Sometimes you hear something or see something and it makes you realize just how important perception is an ingredient in our lives.
We see what we want, little mirrors of the way we feel. Not necessarily how others feel, and that’s not something to be angry at others about – perception is our “rose colored glass”
The only person to be angry at is yourself – for putting your blinders on in the first place.

Having said that…This Article puts into perspective what we’re really living for… (and of course ironically uses the word CLARITY really big!)

So how would you choose to spend your last day on Earth?

Here’s my list:


I’d go bananas with my kids – all day. Then I’d die.

I think the article leads you to think you should do things that are so unnecessary before your day is up, like “mend fences” maybe you need to do that – I don’t know but I got 24 hours and I’m not hashing out old, stale, tired, crap with someone I couldn’t have been bothered with when I was going to live to benefit from it.
I mean maybe you need to tell your ______, that they ______ and that hurt you… but really what good is saying it going to do? Just another example of wasting your (LAST) breaths talking instead of LIVING, (only my opinion of course)

Anyway, somber, somber.
Point is celebrate life while you are alive – nothing is guaranteed… NOTHING
And don’t fucking forget Carl.

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