A Thought for the Youth…

Why y’all tanning….
It is unwholesome for several reasons which I will cover extensively in a moment.
But first know young people that I am not attacking you and I’m addressing this to younger people because fortunately for you, your skin still has a chance. Put on SPF not DARK TANNING OIL especially (most definitely) if you are not of Taino / Native American / African American / Eastern Indian descent.

Oh look, it’s an old tan guy…
what old tan guy isn’t saying is I have MELANOMA!!!
Whether you’re catching your UV’s by bed or by sea apply some sunscreen.
Don’t be that guy ^^ Yeah you up there.
It’s also really unbecoming because it AGES THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.

You look just as pretty in your real skin people – and your 40 year old self is going to thank you……..
NO your 40 year old self is going to thank me…
Shall I link you to my Amazon Wishlist now or later?

Someone Pale

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