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I have obviously been out of material lately to write about on my blog, this however doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing just nothing of blog worthy notation.

I have been looking very carefully into this whole new world of subscription boxes. How appealing is this? I just don’t have the words to describe the joy that whole surprise of stuff can bring but is it worth it? Like I said I am carefully looking into it and am thinking I will start out with one that I think would be a winner…. I think Citrus Lane will be my first. Mainly because it gives a really good mix of baby products and I want to ride that train while I still can. I think starting out with one will give me a good idea if this is “for me” I sure know that it’s hard to shop anymore – not that I don’t love it just that… I am so much more likely to grab whatever I see first because I’m in a rush…

But this whole “subscription box” thing is so new isn’t it? I remember hearing around Christmas time about Wittlebee and thinking it was great but it was Christmas time so it wasn’t the time to get in on that!

There’s a bunch of other ones that I am interested in:

They do mostly beauty products and they have a mens and womens monthly subscription. They currently on a “request an invite” basis so … ohhhh exclusivity

Is a great idea – sends you a craft project (adult) monthly. Targeted towards young (ish) women and it looks like a lot of fun.

Internet underwear baby! Pick your style, pick your color get some drawers in the mail… coolness or hotness whatever you are into.

These “crates” are catered to your child’s tastes and they include specific crafts that have to been chosen to help them draw on their interests and abilites… looks super cool!

For 7 DOLLARS a month they send you a bunch of awesome and unique snack items… this is a steal especially if you like to try new things…

Babbabox is a really neat idea for kids…there are different price points, but at the highest price point they give you an activity to do together, one for them to do alone so you can get stuff done, weekend ideas and a storybook… it’s the priciest of them all but for some reason feels like the most thought out and special of all the boxes.

Ipsy is cool, it’s a lot like Birchbox but I think you may get a better bang for your buck.. you also get a limited edition makeup bag each month.

So, I’m sure there are tons more I would love but feasibly keeping up with just this would be tough so for now that is all. And like I said I will start out with one and see how it goes. Also if I then decide to add another box on I can do it so I get the boxes at different time. I obviously want to share the boxes with you guys and if I get ten at once… well it would take away from the experience.

Do you guys subscribe to any boxes? If so which ones?

There’s also a lot of sites with coupon codes for these so when / if I use them I will let you know.

Presents who doesn’t love presents!

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