D Shaming

So for the purposes of relieving myself I need to share one of the more horrific, terrible, and probably relatable events that has happened in my life recently.

So, I’m in school, for nursing. I am only prerequisites and so far it hasn’t been a problem. My past couple weeks have been intense and I was trying to balance summer classes during all of my life’s melodrama. So we’re winding down in the semester and I’m doing great… and I totally feel like I’ve got this on lock… like really. If anything I’m worried about the Algebra class I’m taking and I passed that. The other class, Sociology is fun and I like it and I feel like … I *should* do really well in that too.

Bravado gets you no where folks. My final paper was due at 1145 pm I turned it in at 1148 and it was not accepted! NOT ACCEPTED – 20% of my grade down the drain.

This is heart shattering… Unless I could provide documentation for my not getting it in on time I was told it was a no go. What can you say to that? Not much.
Do I think it’s fair? HECK NO
I was probably going to get a B in that class and the difference between a B and a D came down to three friggin minutes.
But I was polite and I didn’t argue because what really is that going to do for me?
It isn’t going to make me feel better because at the end of the day I got a D and I guarantee you… I am not a D student. Maybe at one point in my life I was, but now, today no I am not.

It’s a lesson though, find the lesson always. Work harder, which I’ll have to as our nursing program is run on a point system where you earn points for each class you receive a C or higher in… and so, my fifth class so far is a D… blah.
The good news is that my financial aid is not in jeopardy  So I’ll still be going in the fall …

I guess the point is that it’s so shameful. A -D- it was actually a D+ but it’s a DDDDDDDDDDD
and in SOCIOLOGY??? Come on!

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