August Citrus Lane Box

I am so very late…

Wowweee… about to get the NEXT box already.

Dang don’t know how to rotate from here 

So obviously, I didn’t rotate two of these… I realize that.

But the box was .. less than what I had desired
You got:

Cleo’s Alphabet Book from Barefoot Books (Cleo is a series!) valued at 15.99
-I like this book… different approach with the phonetic being the focus instead of the rote memory.

Little Stacker (frog pictured in sideways photo) from Rich Frog. valued at 12.95
-This was my favorite item in the box as Oliver LOVES it!

Baby Bottle Strap from Ah Goo Baby valued at 10.49.
-Although this is a cool thing to have.. I breastfeed right now so at the moment it really isn’t applicable to me. The prints are very cool though. Take a look around their site.

All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from Clean Well. valued at 5.50
-I use them but … the smell is comparable to pencil shavings… def not orange vanilla… they skeeve me out kind of too… a little too wet.

Calendula Diaper Care for Diaper Rash from Weleda approximate value 5.00. (three sample packs at about .4oz each)
-It wasn’t anything special if you ask me…

Fab Kids free outfit offer – value 39.95
I WAS SO PUMPED FOR THIS and then… my link didn’t work… I was bummed out shame on you fab kids… just for that I am not including them in the box’s average!

So, the box was a steal – I paid 25.95
and the total of everything WITHOUT the Fab Kids offer was $49.93
That’s kind of Rad.
If you want to join Citrus Lane Click Here

I am also curious if anyone’s Fab Kids offer worked? If yours did leave me a comment 🙂

I also started doing the babbabox and will have a blog post for that in the next few days!

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