August Babbabox

So I totally did the babbabox.
It is a win!
This is… so easy, fun, stress free, great… there aren’t enough positive adjectives.

Yes, once again it is the wrong way.
But nehoot… the theme was Pirate Treasure.
And I will say this… the stuff is comparable to things that you can buy at Michaels or something.
You got a little pamphlet to tell you what to do
A puzzle that doubled as a scavenger hunt
An eyepatch
Tacky glue
And a treasure box

So the puzzle directions were pretty simple put four of the puzzle pieces into envelopes and hide them… on each envelope is a picture of the NEXT part of the house the children will find the Next card… so once they collect the first three pieces they then find a bag with all the pieces and can nbuild the puzzle. My kids loved this…. and I didn’t have to plan or go out and procure any of this stuff!

The second activity was the treasure box with came with jewels and tacky glue and coins so you could decorate… total mess and total fun.

I already got this months babbabox – and the theme is the library so I am pretty pumped and will update you guys once we do it!!!

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