Very Cute Valentine

At Oli and Belle’s daycare they did their whole traditional exchanging of the valentine’s day cards. It was the usual garden variety of card and little treat bags etc. EXCEPT FOR ONE.

Mind you, this was not my Valentine creation so I was at once stunned, envious and awed at the mom that created these cute little treasures…

OK so, in case from the photo you can’t tell it’s just a clear cello bag with a construction paper flower.
But there’s OH so much more.
Firstly, the flower has a saying:
<Insert child’s name here> so glad our friendship keeps “growing”
Oh, these clever little quips… my valentines were just so crappy in comparison and PROBABLY TOOK LONGER!!!!
Inside is where it becomes so cool and then your envy flies out the window and you say this is a good idea… maybe I should steal it next year…
There’s a little bag of seeds to plant and a little bag of gummy worms and to add the cherry to the proverbial cake they shredded up brown paper for decorations sake. Bravo to that mom. And seriously all the jokes I make about being envious are just that, jokes. I thought this was a great, unique way to celebrate and wanted to share it with you guys.

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