So, I have subscribed to Birchbox which I am super pumped about and look forward to sharing some awesome reviews with you guys. I was really torn on which women’s beauty subscription box to subscribe to, in the end it came down to ipsy, glossybox, and birchbox. Because of price and online reviews I decided giving birchbox a try was the best idea. It does seem to be the women’s staple box.

Other things to look forward to:
Montagne Jeunesse has offered to let me review a few of their products for the blog and I can’t wait to receive them so that I can share the info with you guys.

I signed up for a Michaels Kids Club craft for the girls which will all be in addition to our Lowes Build and Grow Workshops.

Add all that in with Girl Scouts School Projects and everything else ever in history and we’ve been busy little bees.

I will be sure to let you guys know how the Michaels Workshop goes, that is Saturday March 7th so keep an eye out for a review, since they do charge a very small fee it’s worth knowing what you get into.

Penny and her cookies
She sold like 100 boxes!

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