Montagne Jeunesse – Black Seaweed Peel off Masque

This is part one in a four part Montagne Jeunesse Review.
They recently sent me some samples to review for you guys. 
I figure one a week is plenty as that is the recommended usage.

Tonight I tried the black seaweed peel off masque.

First off, the packaging is kind of creepy, no? That was the immediate thought of the packaging – the other packages are similar but because of the intense black color of this masque it just comes off a little menacing.
On to the product! So, it has a sort of medicinal smell, however I can get past that. The reason I’m sold is that as soon as I put this stuff on I definitely have the 15-20 minute application time entirely to myself  because my children will have nothing to do with me… seriously they are HORRIFIED.
Case and Point
So let’s recap, if you are a packaging gal (or guy) this isn’t going to rope you in at the store. It has a very overwhelming color and that may turn some people off… however, I’m about RESULTS.
This product made my skin feel great and look great as did the Montagne Jeunesse products that I’ve used in the past. In fact this the only product thus far that wasn’t over the top in all the areas that I’m looking for. 
In conclusion – a solid product but not one for a novice or the faint of heart. 

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