Michael’s Kids Club: Windsock

As promised I am reviewing and also providing a tutorial for the Michael’s Kid’s Club craft.
So, for this craft the kids were building a foam windsock for the coming of spring!
When you arrive you go to a private room with a table and chair for the kids, in our case there was only one other child there when we arrived at around 10am. The kids have up to an hour to complete their craft. While they do the craft you are welcome to hang out OR walk around and shop ALONE! SANS CHILDREN!

I see what you are doing here Michael’s! 
and i LIKE it!

So the kids are comfortable and I walk around the store and check in here and there to see how they are doing… surprise they are alive and mingling with the crew of children that have now arrived to also do the craft! The truth is I have idealized the amount of time that I like to shop. Because I was done shopping long before these guys had finished their craft.

This was for the 2 dollar per child fee sooo, soo worth it. Particularly if you don’t get a lot of alone time but (like me) don’t want to just drop your kids on someone and peace out. We’re definitely doing this again, win for the kids – win for mom…. win all around!

Belle’s Windsock
Penny’s Windsock
How to make your own:
Things you will need:
  • Foam sheets
  • Foam stickers
  • Pieces of fabric cut into strips
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Hole Punch
  1. First thing you want to do here is choose a color foam sheet for the body of your windsock.
  2. Once you’ve selected the one you’d like you wrap it around as though you are making a tube and overlap the two ends just slightly 
  3. Apply the hole punch two to three times in the space where the foam sheet overlaps
  4. Use either pipe cleaner or some of your strips of fabric to fasten the ends of the foam together
  5. Go around the base of the windsock with the hole punch and apply approximately eight holes
  6. Take your strips of fabric and pull them through each of the holes until they are about halfway
  7. Put two holes in the top of the windsock with the hole punch
  8. Tie a piece of fabric from one end to the other (this will be your hanger)
  9. Get out those foam stickers and EMBELLISH BABY!!!!!!!!
See, super easy and fun and I’m sure your kids will like it!!
Let me know what you think!
And also if you have participated in a Michael’s Craft or any class at Michael’s I would love to hear about your experience!

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