March 2015 Birchbox

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Ahhhh my first Birchbox!
*In case you didn’t know Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends you a selection of beauty samples based on a quick survey you fill out upon signing up.*
My initial thoughts were that:

  1. I do really love the box but what do I do with them?
  2. It’s wayyyyy smaller than I thought
So that was my initial impression of the box as a whole. 
Which looks…..
like this
Pretty, right?
(especially with my super pretty orange throw underneath it)
Did I mention I like orange? 
Because I do!
But anyway back to the box.
In my box I received five different brands, and a total of seven products.. two of which were just once and done samplers.
So first up Davines:
Pictured on the right are the two small samplers of the Strand Nourishing Davines Duo (Shampoo and Conditioner)
OK so we’ll start with worst to best in terms of thoughts. 
Shampoo in all honesty to me, is shampoo… TRUETALK
    So, while the smell was nice it’s basically the same thing I could get with any other drugstore product. Shampoo really has to blow me away to get a rave review
Conditioner was really nice left my hair feeling smooth and soft
This conditioner is for you if: You have dry hair, damaged hair, split ends
This conditioner is Not For you if: You have oily hair…. just stay away from this stuff
Beautifying Potion is probably the reason – in essence- why Birchbox has been such a successful subscription box company…it knows you. This was so perfect, not only for me but also for my daughters who have notoriously thick and one with RIDICULOUSLY course hair… this was the big win in my box.
The potion is for you if: You need a little extra shine and detangling also the advantage of some weight from the oil 
This potion is NOT FOR you if: Your hair is limp or shiny- I also wouldn’t recommend for straight hair
The full size sells for $41 I got a large sample that sells for $18.85 on Amazon
So, next item. Harvey Prince Singular Scentsations Imperial Gardenia Tester (Pictured on the left above)
OK so here’s the back story I used to love gardenia and then I got TIRED of it – it started seeming old lady on me so I stopped using it so much so when I saw this tester was Gardenia I had mixed emotions… will I like it? WILL IT GIVE ME A HEADACHE?
It was truly delightful and I definitely would buy a full sized version absolutely – hands down worth it.
For you if: You like Gardenia
Not for you if: You don’t like Gardenia 😛
The full size goes for $29 the closest I can come to a price for this is 3.00 on Ebay
This product was great I am sure, just not for me. I have dry skin and this I think is intended for someone who has a more oily skin type. Obviously it’s for Acne and I don’t really have a problem with that.. however it did leave my skin feeling nice I just had to apply extra moisturizer afterward.
For you if: You have acne, blemishes, and overall oily skin
Not for you if: You have dry skin that is prone to getting red from cleansers with alcohol
The full size version retails for $22 I got a .5 fl oz sample $1.63
Pictured on right
Spa Therapy Body Wash Pictured above on the left
This was nice – not too smelly – I like subtle scents but it didn’t blow my hair back… it’s worth a try and there’s definitely nothing wrong with it… it’s just average. I do like the name and the packaging though… very pretty
For you if: You like to wash your body
Not for you if: You are allergic to any of these ingredients 😛
The full size retails for $15 I received the 1.35 fl oz sample seems to be averaging about $3 on ebay
Last, but not least
This product is deceptive…
and I have a funny little story to share with it
This looks like a tiny little bottle for nail polish and I DON”T LIKE TO READ INSERTS
I opened it up and figured I would try it
Started saying things to myself like, “Wow, this product is CRAPPY” “I would be embarassed to send this to somebody” I ended up with this result
I knew something wasn’t right… read the insert and kicked myself in the butt. I put it on my kids cheeks they looked cute.. if you are into highlighting your cheekbones very subtley this is FOR YOU
If you are not… well why would you even consider this product. 
I will admit it’s a clever way to distribute a product
Honorable Mention for that!
This is actually $14 Wow!
So in conclusion for my $10 spent I got appoximately $40 
Not too shabby! 
So for my first Birchbox I got creative!
I would love to know what you guys got and your thoughts! Leave them in a comment for me!

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