Montagne Jeunesse Part 2: Creamy Coconut Face Masque

Montagne Jeunesse

So, here we are at the second installment of our four part Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque Review.

While the first one was a rave only in the RESULTS department this masque is definitely a win all around. We did receive this free for review
I decided last night I would put it on wait the 15 minutes and soak in the tub. A “mini spa” if you will.
It was fantastic. The texture is thick and seemingly nourishing without being goopy (which in this writers opinion is the WORST)
The smell is divine, I’m reminded of coconut gelato. It’s so rich and really the best word to describe it is “nourishing”. They use the word “hydrating” and yes that’s a fitting adjective… I just think nourishing sums it up much more.
Regardless, I decided not to post my rave last night and opted instead, to see how my skin looked this morning. 
I looked fabulous (as always!) (kidding, kidding)
My skin felt smoother and more supple. 
I would recommend this to almost anyone… it definitely isn’t NOT FOR anyone.
If you would like to purchase click here! 

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