Thoughts on Karma

Just a random thought…

people talk a LOT about Karma and how it’s going to “get” someone that’s done something to them that they perceive to be wrongdoing.

Here are some points I have to make about that statement:

  1. How do we know this isn’t YOUR bad Karma that you’re receiving back?
  2. Maybe what you perceive as “Karma” is just that person having to learn the hard lesson that you’ve already had experience with
Life is about accepting what happens to YOU
Everyone else is walking their own path… and we musn’t judge (believe me I deal with this all the time myself)
Just had to get the thought out though.. 

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Karma”

  1. You know, I had never really given this any thought but it makes sense. And I agree with the quote. I have had so many bad things happen in the past but they put me on the path to the place I am today (which is a happy place!!)

  2. At the very least I see it as a nice way to look at the bad things that have happened. Too often it seems people get caught up in the bad things that happen to them.

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