Spring Craft: Dandelion

So, I wanted to do a little craft with the girls after I put Oli to bed.
I subscribe to the mailbox and they email me a weekly craft that is usually seasonally themed.
Today’s was “dandelion wishes”
I had a couple reservations because I couldn’t imagine how it was exactly going to work.

Here’s a breakdown of the supplies you’ll need:

  • White Tempera Paint
  • One Gift Bow
  • Construction Paper or Cardstock
  • Glitter
  • Green Paint 
  • Q-tip
Alright so the instructions are basically 
  1. Mix the white paint with glue
(I didn’t have tempera so we used acrylic) 
2. Get your paper ready 
3. Dip the bow into the glue and paint mixture and dab onto your paper
4.Don’t worry if it looks bad, mine does too! Your kids will like it anyway!!
Penny had a meltdown whilst crafting
She won’t be in anymore of the pictures…
Bye Penny!
5. Add glitter to your wishies
6. The mailbox suggests that you use a q-tip and green paint to create a stem… I’m a maverick and decided to use pipe cleaner. Ah, to no avail … you can’t glue pipe cleaners!
So, this project wasn’t a win by any means
That’s our final product
However, Belle had a grand time and for that it was worth it!

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