Angels’ Cup: Coffee Review

So, the nice people over at Angels’ Cup sent me some samples over to review on the blog…

-Angels’Cup is a monthly or weekly subscription for coffee tasting “flights”-

and if you know me, you know I love coffee.
I’ve worked with coffee as well so I like to fancy myself someone that knows what they like.

Angels’ Cup goes way beyond that though, it’s a subscription coffee service that gives you either monthly or weekly a selection of 4 – 1 ounce packages of coffee. And at 7.99 it’s very affordable.

This service is a great way to try a lot of different coffees to find out what you like
When you do find one that you would like to buy more of you can buy it at their online store!

I received my samples:

Just as promised 4 – 1oz packets of coffee

You get a little paper that explains to you how to go about your taste testing

Along with this you also get a menu or “cheat sheet”
You are however, encouraged to use the app on the Angels’ Cup website

My experience:
I was excited when I got the samples because I really wanted to use the app and see how good I was at discerning the different flavors and notes in the coffee! 
So I went numerically with each coffee over the course of a few days. 
I got samples #0088, #0089, #0090, #0091.
(if you don’t want to know what’s in these coffees do not read any further!)
#0088 was really good. From a company called Gimme! Coffee
As you can see from the description it’s a Kenyan blend. 
I would describe it a vibrant… seems almost to jump around in your mouth – I would also describe it as the lightest of all the blends.
Now, as you can imagine I tried to use the app and I thought that I had it all on lock. I had prior experience with coffee so I assumed that I would go in there and I would just WIN the coffee app. 
Not even close…. I set myself up to begin with, you have the option of beginner tasting or advanced. OF  COURSE, I did advanced… I was immediately overwhelmed realizing I actually knew very little about flavor… and could stand to learn a lot from this service. 
I switched over to beginner tasting and did my best but realized I was out of my league and used the cheat sheet to help me. 
#0089 is a Peruvian blend also from Gimme! Coffee.
Sadly, this was my least favorite I realize however, this is all about opinion. 
It seemed to have an aftertaste that stuff around in my mouth a little darker than the first blend
At this point I would try the app but mostly relied on the cheat sheet! 
I’m no sommelier! But hey! At least I tried
#0090 is an El Salvadorian coffee. This and the final sample are from a company called Gorilla Coffee.
I actually did really good on the app with this one – somehow though I didn’t pick out it’s sweet qualities. 
This was a little too dark for my taste but still very good
#0091 my very favorite coffee of them all. A perfectly smooth, mellow coffee from Brazil also from Gorilla Coffee. 
I was overall thoroughly impressed with this entire experience. I feel like anyone – as long as they like coffee- could benefit from using this service. 
You get the experience of actually “taste testing” coffees as well as knowledge about the different flavors and complexities that are actually involved in different roasts of coffees and at eight bucks a month it’s TOTALLY affordable!

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