Kiwibop Postcard Pals

I have seen cute things in my life.
I have created cute things in my life.
There are tons of “cute” subscription boxes out there….
but I think … I may have found the cutest of them all…..

A Postcard Subscription Box – Just For Kids!

Kiwibop Postcard Pals
Remember this name because if you have children… you will hear it again I am certain.

This subscription is so clever and such a creative way to get kids to learn about so, so, so, many different topics.

Here’s how it works..
The monthly subscription is a MERE 3.99
I got the introductory kit which included 4 postcards, cutout mustaches and glasses, a hello from the kiwibop pals and 4 stickers.

Each of the cards has facts about a place or a thing or an animal. My oldest daughter who is 7 is an independent reader so this… is so perfect for her… she absolutely loved it.
You are also encouraged to go to on each card to learn even more!
This isn’t just for older kids though, my daughter who is five listened as her sister read these to her which was really nice to see and she loved the stickers and the dress up mustaches and glasses. 

 The postcards are high quality and the emphasis on getting kids into reading and learning in a new and fun way is so much fun and at $3.99 a month… how can you say no?!

*I received this product complimentary for an honest review. All thoughts herein are my own

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