My Own Philosophy

To commemorate the anniversary of my birth next week, in which I will turn 29 AGAIN(!?)
I want to put a thought out there about birth.
I have a personal philosophy. For anyone who’s wondered if there is a reason they are a “night owl” or an “earlybird”

Now this is my own personal philosophy and could possibly be totally wrong but I’ve always thought it was the time that you were born that set your internal clock. So if you were born in the morning you come out all tired and sleep and then stayup at night… setting you up as a night owl from the very beginning.
And Vice Versa. Born at night and then sleep until morning creating an early bird.

I was born early in the morning.
I am a night owl.
Most people I ask fit into the categories appropriately based on when they were born as well.
What do you think and when were you born? Could this theory apply to you?

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