DIY Dollar Store Easter Basket

Here is a simple tutorial on how to make an inexpensive Easter Basket.
These particular baskets cost about 3 dollars each but that is including the ribbon (which I already had). Depending on what you have laying around you can easily make these for 2 dollars and if you are really savvy even less.

Here is what you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Basket 
  • Ribbon
  • Fake Flowers
So the basket and flowers I purchased at the dollar store. 
I have three children so I had to get a bunch of different kinds to get a little variety in there but the options are really endless.
Here are my supplies. 

Here are my palettes. The blue is for my son, the yellow for my oldest daughter (it’s her favorite color) and the pink for my younger daughter
Here’s how you make one!
  1. Get your ribbon ready (measure it out against the basket) and your glue gun ready (heat that baby up!!!
  2. Glue the Ribbon on the basket              

  3. Take the flowers off of the stems
  4. You can hot glue them on but out of concerns of nap times not taking long enough I opted to just kind of jimmie them through the basket cracks (LOL)       

  5. Take a step back and make sure you are happy with the fullness of it all and if you want add some some more or add some leaves … whatever really … the beauty of this is it’s customizable to you and your child 🙂 
Here are my finished products.  

Bear in mind these aren’t high quality. 
They aren’t keepsakes but they are definitely cute and they are definitely a really cool way to have a unique Easter basket for your child or for anyone really
Just for the heck of it I made a couple for my nieces as well.
Same basic concept except I used little glass vases (also available at the dollar store) instead of baskets.

So that’s what I got!
Hope you guys have a great Easter and if you have some really cute basket pictures I would love to hear about them or better yet see them!!!

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