Little Hack – Less mess when feeding your toddler

Kids are great aren’t they???

I love mine.. they drive me crazy but boy oh boy do I love them!
My son was is so messy when he eats and if you are like us… transitioning from apartment to owning a home, then you know that all apartments are not created equal. Ours has carpeting…. in our dining area. Not even kidding. We at first set him up to eat in the kitchen but he definitely had strong feelings about being segregated from his family during mealtime… so we had to figure out something that worked for us. 

We found a little hack.

You know those clear plastic mats that you put your computer chair on?
Yeah we went to Costco and picked one up and put it under his highchair
:insert that win song right here:
Typically the highchair is OBVIOUSLY a lot closer to the table but basically his highchair sits on that mat and catches all the Yuck that I DO NOT want to have to clean out of the carpet. 
Thought maybe this could help some parent out there who is struggling with this problem – I know how crazy it can be… extra work!

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