Julep Maven: Diamond Birthstone 4 Piece Gift

Just scrolling through facebook the other day I passed a Julep ad …
and in case you didn’t know Julep is a Subscription Box that sends you monthly full size makeup products. In particular they are known for their nail polish selection.
I have only ever tried one Julep product and that was a few years ago when I used to subscribe to Citrus Lane. It was to me just nail polish but since April is my birthday month and they were advertising a four piece gift set free… all I had to pay was shipping


There’s my unboxing.
If you want to skip all that awkward I’ll cut to the chase.

It came with three nail polishes and one lip conditioner.

Beautifully packaged and like a little box of happiness.
When I saw the ad it was the colors that drew me in… particularly that purple (lavendar) Julep refers to it as “London”

So light, so delicate, so pretty.

After I painted however, I remembered that I am not a big fan of the brush julep uses, feels so bulky and seems to put way too much lacquer on your nail… but the color alone more than makes up for that little faux pas.

I tried the lip conditioner today and it was DIVINE. It really was and I like that the tip of the dispenser is metal. It gives it that little extra that you need.

If your birthday is in April and you’d like to try out Julep Maven products for just the cost of shipping click below!

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