Little Tip: Parenting and Doctors Appointments

If you have kids you know how often you are at the doctor. Not just because they are sick but also because they have well checkups (and if they are under two) they are constant.

It’s daunting and the kids are usually tired because they schedule you right around nap time and all they want to do is touch everything at the doctors that they shouldn’t and make you look like the worst parent that has ever roamed the earth.

Doesn’t have to be that way!
Not for the ENTIRE time at least.

Here’s a cute little hack
Get a box of crayons and put them in your bag before you go
Once you are back in the actual exam room let your kid go WILD on the roll out paper on the table…

They think it is awesome because they get to write on something that resembles something they shouldn’t

You think it is awesome because it gives you a reprieve from following them around the office and saying, ” no, don’t touch that” in hushed whispers over and over.

The doctor... may not think this is cool but maybe they will – either way they shouldn’t have kept you waiting so long. Should they have?

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