My Newest Interest: A Subscription Box for my Older Children

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I have a subscription box for myself – Birchbox

I have something in the works as well for my son.

But I wanted something for my daughters.. they are little tricky because they are older. Not just anything will amuse them anymore

I did a lot of research and I think I really want to try Little Passports World Edition

If you don’t know about little passports they are a “choose an adventure” monthly subscription box for children. They have a few different sets for kids 3-5, 6-10, 7-12.

In the World Edition Sam and Sofia (the duo that goes on all these adventures) sends you a package from a different country each month. The first month you get a nifty blue “little explorers” suitcase which is super cute.

Perfect for these guys!

Everything that I’ve heard or seen is positive. It encourages worldliness and exploration in children.

And at my girls age they are so impressionable I want them to really get a taste of different parts of the world.

We create this cultural bubble and it’s so hard to see outside of that once we are adults, I want my kids to know that there’s this giant world out there full of different ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and most importantly EXPERIENCES!

Click below to join the adventure!

Sign up for a Little Passports 12 month subscription (USA or World Edition)!”

And look for that review in the future!!

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