Birchbox April 2015: Madmen, California

Hey guys!
How’s your weekend???
Mine has been awesome because yesterday I got my Birchbox!
If you don’t know – Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends you beauty samples to try and review for birchbox points which you can then cash in for full sized versions of the great products that they send you!

I tried something different with the unboxing because honestly having to watch myself on camera after these is …. SHAMEFUL.
Let me know what you think!

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I picked some campy music!!

So about the box…
I was distraught about this one because I wanted the New York box.
But I liked the monthly surprise BOX.
None of those were left…. so I got the California box.

However, instead of being mad at that, I decided I would use the opportunity to try some products that I typically wouldn’t use.

Onward to the review!

First up in this month’s box

12 Benefits: Instant Healthy Hair Treatment   $8

Nice product. Not an oil, I think this is more for people with long hair.
For you if: You have long hair, need some detangling and a little extra shine
Not for you if: This product won’t have ill affects on anyone, really

Clean: Original Eau de Parfum Price: ?

I couldn’t find anything anywhere online about how much this costs, so …. who knows!
It was subtle and nice but very underwhelming. I liked the actual scent but it was so faint!
The full size costs $69 which is really pricey for something that you are only going to smell if you are really… all up in someone’s territorial bubble.
For you if: You aren’t big on perfume but still want to have a nice scent
Not for you if: You want people to actually enjoy your aroma

Cynthia Rowley Beauty: Brightening Illuminator  $?

This is also a Birchbox exclusive, and so the full size is $28 bucks.
Holy Guacamole…. seems like a lot. I didn’t try this so I can’t comment on it’s actual effects because last month I was so traumatized that I don’t think I will ever try a highlighter again. Also tsk tsk Birchbox on sending me a highlighter two months in a row… not exactly pleasing.
For you if: You like to subtly highlight your skin
.. obviously you won’t use this if you aren’t looking to do that sort of thing

On the bright side… this packaging is not easily mistaken.

LAQA & Co.: Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Honeypot $20

This is a nice product. But I want to make a couple notes. The formula is great. This isn’t a heavy, creamy product, more light and sheer than anything else. I like that. I don’t like committing to a lipstick for the entire day like you have to with most of the heavier ones. The packaging is good… it’s a roll up which I also like. I do however have one grievance – and that is the color.
I got Honeypot which is very *mod pink I want to say and just …. IS NOT my color. Won’t even post a photo of it. There are however a few shades and I may consider trying a different one.
For you if: You like a light lip pencil
Not for you if: You want an all day stain or require a really glammy lip look

Not Soap, Radio: Body Wash in Bathing with sharks $3.28

So first, I got the price because they have a 7 set for 23.00 and I just did the math to get that total up there. Honestly I have no idea what this sample would retail for.
I think I like this product the most. The packaging is cool and clicking around their website was actually a lot of fun and I kind of want to buy a bunch of their stuff. I like the tag lines on the products and I like that they’re colorful… I’m a packaging girl, and when it’s tight… it’s tight.
I haven’t actually used this product yet but the smell is great – hard to pin down but when they say the beach that is definitely what you smell.

In Summary:
I liked the actual curation of last months box better.
I like the BOX for last month better.
I do not like that I got a second highlighter however I do like this Bathing with Sharks brand… and am excited to try that.
All in all, April was underwhelming.

Did you like your box?
Leave me some news below!

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