Sunday Soup: White Potato

Hey Guys!
So, from here forth Sunday’s are Sunday Soup Days!
I am making a soup posting the recipe and pictures to share with you guys.
Hope you guys like that idea… 
today I’m doing one of my families traditional ones…
White Potato!

So this is obviously a cream based soup but it’s not intended to be super thick

Here’s what you need

White Potatoes (4-5) of the large ones
Milk (3c)
onion and celery to taste
(I used green onions- 3 stalks and a stalk of celery)
Half stick of butter
Dill if desired
3 hard boiled eggs w. or w.out yolk
salt and pepper to taste
one shredded carrot


  • boil potatoes not to fully cooked but about half way
  • once cooked drain approximately half the water
  • cut your onions and celery 
  • shred carrot
  • if using dill chop that now
  • Add potatoes and water to crock pot
  • Add onions and celery
  • salt pepper and if you are using dill
should look something like this

  • Add milk and butter
  • Add your carrot
  • I cooked mine for about an hour on low heat although you don’t have to use a slowcooker it’s the same method but you cook it for 30 mintes at a slow simmer
  • After you take it off heat add your egg yolks
  • Optional: my mom says she adds a little instant potato flakes to the broth to thicken it… this is totally optional and I didn’t do it
Hope you like this recipe and check back next Sunday for a brand new soup!
Let me know how it turned out too, would love to know!

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