Nicely Noted Review

Nothing is as romantic or endearing as the hand written note. Too often we quickly text or send an email to people for whatever occasion we want them to know we remember. Seems so sterile, clinical… BORING!

Nicely Noted is a stationary subscription service that sends you a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps each month.
I REALLY like that they include the stamps.
It’s clear once you look at the package that this product is intended to be a gift that persuades the giftee to KIT or so to speak. I like that. It’s kitschy and fun.
The biggest compliment someone can give you is saying they want more of you in their life… so how can something like Nicely Noted not make you smile?!

The Goodies!

As you can see included are three cards, envelopes and stamps. Also a little band that tells you the letterpress that each comes from.
I want to point out what immediately caught my eye. The curation here is all about color… not sure if that is something that they do every month but… it’s appealing aesthetically and I really like that about Nicely Noted.
Favorite Person by Paper Bandit Press in Provo, Utah

Toast by Ladyfingers Letterpress in Black Forest, Colorado
Good Deeds by Sideshow Press in Charleston, South Carolina

They are all so cool! I just love this idea! I particularly like the birthday card. Also, worthy of noting that they’re on really high quality cardstock.

 If you are interested in subscribing a subscription will cost $20 monthly.

I was looking through some of the cards on the different letterpress websites and they are such a hoot… it’s a good way to kill a few minutes! You should check it out!

*Products were received for review purposes at no cost to the writer. However, opinions herein are solely of the writer 

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