Taco Tuesday

Do you like tacos? WE DO!

My husband grew up in El Paso so he LOVES TACOS!
We CELEBRATE Taco Tuesday…

not familiar

Taco Tuesday:
A day of the week (usually a tuesday) where you partake in the consumption of tacos.

It’s nifty, super. grand
whatever you want to call it – we call it dinner.

Taco Tuesday Fixins’

So to commemorate Tuesday and all it’s taco glory here is a fun and super easy taco salad recipe …
(You get to have doritos for dinner) (pretty boss by my standards)

You’ll need

  • 1 lb of beef
  • taco seasoning (1 packet)
  • lettuce or spinach (spinach is way healthier)
  • tomatoes diced (I like the plum kind)
  • Cheese! You can use the fiesta kind that has a little bit of the mexican spices – or not- depends on your preference really
  • onion to your liking
  • Cool ranch doritos
  • Ranch dressing
Cook your beef and drain the excess oil. 
Add the taco seasoning and some water (I think they usually call for 2/3 c)

Do your prep work while you are cooking the meat (shred lettuce / dice tomatoes / cut onion)
Put your veggies in a bowl and get ready to add the meat
Put a pin hole in the bag of doritos and crunch them all up, then add those as well
After your meat is a little cool add the doritos and toss with the dressing… to your liking go crazy or not … I prefer to err on the side of caution
Allow to cool in the fridge and then add cheese (so it doesn’t melt)

I assure you this is delicious!!!

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