Walmart Box: Part Two

They sent me a second Walmart box.
Just so we are clear I still haven’t received the baby box and was told that they now no longer do the baby box.
Why did I trust Walmart to do a beauty box??? It’s Walmart.
Anyway I WAS in fact charged twice
I thought oh cool… I’ll get the same one – because I liked that one!
The other one, you know the one with the face wipes…..

Oh yay….

So Shwarzkopf Ultime Samples were nice.. they make my hair nice so that was cool
The Simple Face Wipes… eh.
Dove Body Wash it was all just eh.
Then there was the lady gaga perfume.
I CALLED this one!
I knew it would be bad…. and it undoubtedly was
tons of coupons as is to be expected for this box.

I get that it’s five bucks so it’s alright but it wasn’t really doing a whole lot for me, mostly because I paid for it and it was the box I liked less and I only ordered one!

I obviously didn’t bother linking or unboxing because the box was sort of a surprise and I just wanted to let you guys know that I got this one as well…
and the lovely lady gaga perfume…

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