Fresh Bib Review

Do you have a baby or a toddler?
Does that baby or toddler take off their bib ALL THE TIME!?

I have three (almost four) kids
and I know this pain….

*I received this product free for review in exchange for an honest opinion of the product
Luckily for us there is a company that promises to banish this problem in a way that is absolutely and utterly adorable.
Fresh Bib Costs $16 a month
That gets you:
One of the most adorable boxes ever!
And jars….
Seriously it comes in a jar! 
Get it? FRESH?!
Ok, so it’s clever and the concept is cute. And just in case you can’t read in the photo the picture on the box is a rabbit (for Easter) and it says, “something for your hare” and in that egg is… you guessed it….
So it’s all these things but the real question now is,
Does it work?
OK so in that picture if you look there are snaps on the bib instead of the typical velcro or the worst of them all…. ties 
So now we shall administer what I like to call,
 the tot test
That’s Oli my two year old who is getting molars and actively enjoys putting his fingers in his mouth
Here’s him trying to get it off
Psyche lil’ playa’ 
You aren’t getting that off!
Also, did I mention it’s reversible??? 
So cool!
Perfect for an infant to a two year old!
Works … like a dream!

Love the product and the company is awesome!
Click here to check out Fresh Bib for yourself!

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