Parental Frustration and The Great Sock Hunt

I’m a mom.
But I have moments where I want to just be Asheli….
those are the most frustrating moments.
Like when I’m trying to sneak in ten minutes for the blog which turns into an hour – suddenly I hear someone ask me a favor (a little tiny favor) and I can feel the frustration.

I pry myself away from the “me” task and realize quickly and guiltily. This is my job because before I’m Asheli, I’m a mom.

I’ve found in my experience that, you learn to cut corners to save yourself certain efforts (and from certain gray hairdom) and to let you guys know just how “real” it is around here…. I want to show you one of our awesome examples….

Let me just preface with the fact that I don’t match my socks… if I do it’s because I’m not wearing pants and people can see them but otherwise… no time for that nonsense. I just dump them in my sock drawer and voila… I also am guilty (until very recently) of doing this with my children.

Now instead we do something we like to call the “Great Sock Hunt”
That right there is my truth folks

Once a month or so… we sit down and go through them now and pair them up. Mostly because my daughter so fondly talked of when she got “matchers” that it became clear my kids had no idea these things were meant to be pairs… they were just enduring one of my – corner cutting measures?

So yeah, this takes a little more time but less than if I did it with each load. It’s not as daunting and if we plan it right we can do it together as a team. 
Either way you look at it… we aren’t perfect… not as people and not as parents – but we can try to be better… and I’m trying!
What are your “corner cutting methods”? I’m curious to hear what everyone else does (mostly because I want to steal their ideas!)

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