Body Honesty Subscription Box Review

I open my mailbox and I see the package key… 
pretty much everyday
I ALWAYS love that feeling
Two days ago though I opened the package door to find a package from
Body Honesty that absolutely smelled divine
I could smell it immediately
Smelled absolutely incredible!

*I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review

So let’s talk about this cool, new company!
Body Honesty is a monthly subscription box
“Health is to the Body What Honesty is to the Soul”
is written on the card that is included in the subscription box
Catering to people that have sensitive skin Body Honesty uses only the best all natural ingredients
All handmade with no GMO’s, no unnatural preservatives, petroleum products and is entirely a vegan line of products.
You either get a monthly box  $20 (what I got) or a Loaf of the Month which is $29.99
 For what you pay, $20 monthly
you get a whole heck of a lot too

This box included 
-Two bars of soap
-One Lip Balm
-One Large bottle of Lotion
-Hand and Foot Scrub


What was that great smell?
Turns out it was a mixture of these two

Pictured left Pretty in Pink Sugar Scrub / Pictured Right Juicy Watermelon Lip Balm

So they smell great, but let’s try them out
the scrub is supposed to be stars but mine broke
this is my mailman… he’s been off his game lately!
No biggie though, proof is in the pudding
I tried it on my feet and it was really nice, left them feeling really fresh but not overly oily

Then we have the lip balm and I love lip balms – so do my daughters
I was super excited to use this

Really pretty color, the consistency is really a nice. It’s a light, sheer balm.
It smells great – and goes on not too heavy which is nice (I’ve mentioned before that I really don’t like the heavy glosses and balms)

Let’s talk about the lotion

I received the Jamaican Me Crazy Body Lotion
I am not a huge lotion person – that’s just me
Mostly because it’s just usually so heavy or oily
This lotion however, was really nice
It had a super light scent with an orange top note
It went on really light and wasn’t goopy or overly oily

There is a picture of it on my hand to give you an idea of it’s consistency

Next up, the best part (in my opinion) of the whole box!

The Soaps
and no, not the daytime dramas
Real Handmade Soap

It came with two

This is the Cucumber Melon Soap Bar
I will be honest, I find this soap really beautiful
I like handmade things…
I would describe the scent as a little more citrus than melon but nice and not overpowering

The bars are really nice with a good consistency
This is the second bar that I received

 Tropical Berry Soap Bar
It’s firstly, immediately striking, and the camera…
I just couldn’t get a good enough picture of it
It’s mottled  and has these fantastic flecks in it – I can’t wait to put it in my guest bath soap dish!
Smell is great, light like the other but exactly the smell I would want
Super good – Definitely my favorite product in the box!

I love this box!

For what you pay you get a great assortment and just knowing the ingredients are all natural and right for any skin type is comforting,

This box is for you if: You like to pamper your skin but want to know just what you are putting on it. If you are sensitive and a little skeptical of the ingredients in a lot of the major labels soaps and lotions. And of course if you love handmade soap!

Check out Body Honestly Here

*I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review

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